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Thank you for visiting Eco DIY Shop and the Da Vinci Paint online shops. We hope you find what you are looking for, we hope we have products that inspire you to create. The problem with eco products in New Zealand is there is no legal standard to adhere too. We there fore have products that vary in eco qualities and have tried to provide information to help you make a decision.

Terms commonly used in eco friendly products are organic, renewable, non-toxic, biodegradable, low odour, low voc, recylcable and they go on. It is important to remember for example if you have two paints and both claim to be eco friendly but one is made from renewable linseed oil resin and another is a acrylic made from fossil oil, what would you regard as more eco friendly.

Eco DIY also embarks to find products not normally stock but regular DIY decorating and hardware stores giving you interesting choices. We have on some product listed stockists around the country which may be easier than buying online.

We offer freight free shipping on all orders over $59.00

above all we hope you enjoy you shopping experience and will work to encourage you to return again.

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