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Chalk Paint Wax & Glaze

Chalk Paint Wax & Glaze

Protect and beautify your chalk paint project using a wax or Glaze. Da Vinci has three products you can use:

  • Soft wax- an easy to use clear and dark paste wax
  • Eco-wax- a hard liquid carnuaba wax
  • Glaze& Medium - a 2 in one hard waterbased coat and decoupage medium

Eco Soft Wax beeswax for chalk paint (NZ made) Clear

Only Green “Bee Amazed” Clear Soft Wax is made from natural renewable non-toxic ingredients. It is a..


Liquid Carnauba wax eco-wax by Da Vinci

Liquid Carnauba Eco Wax by Only Green is a hardwax in liquid form . It is best applied direct to rag..