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  • 2 in 1 stain and varnish Teak Trade pack 4Ltr

2 in 1 stain and varnish Teak Trade pack 4Ltr

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Why buy a stain and a varnish when one finish is available and easier to use!

A amazing range of oil-based Stain & Varnish in one can.  Unlike other oil based varnishes “Only Greens” formula washes up in water.

2-in-1 Stain and Varnish features:

● 7 popular NZ colours
● Satin finish
● Additional clear gloss top coat to achieve Gloss
● Brush, roller or spray
● Self leveling
● Interior wood
● Ideal for furniture, doors,
● trims, windows, toys etc

2-in-1 Varnish and Stain is a unique oil based polyurethane finish that washes up in water. It  dries harder than oil based varnishes and doesn’t yellow. 2-in-1 varnish & stain is a 3 coat  system. 1st Coat acts as a stain & Sealer. 2nd coat will seal and colour. 3rd coat applies varnish finish.2-in-1 is an interior clear finish and is ideal for all timbers but works best on pine, particle  board & MDF. Despite being oil based it is quick drying and is low odour and being an eco formula it is  less harmful to our environment than other  paint finishes. 2-in-1 Varnish and Stain Can be used for trims, windows, doors, benchtops, bars, furniture & floors. It is scratch resistant, excellent adhesion and is self leveling. It can be re-coated the same day.

DIRECTIONS: Surface preparation. The surface must be clean free of loose paint, grease and  other contaminants. If surface has flaking paint, scrape off loose material & sand.
As 2-in-1 is a transparent coating it will “show through” any previous finishes, make sure previous finishes are either removed or sanded so the finish is even.
For new timber sand first with 150-180g sand paper this will allow for maximum penetration. In between coats sand with 320g sand paper.If lighter finish is required use “Clearcoat” as a substitute for the third coat. Gloss Clear coat is available if Gloss is required

Important Notes: Colours on colour chart are only an indication of actual colours

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